The Lord Of The Rings

Folio Society Three Volumes

Year 1990
Pages 1352
Binding Hardcover
Condition As New
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The Folio Society, London, 1990. First reprinted in 1990. Each volume 9" x 5-1/2". Like new, books never opened. Three (3) matching deluxe volumes bound in full vegetable parchment blocked with a design by Francis Mosley. Illustrated by Eric Fraser, one of the foremost British illustrators of the 20th century, his images – a total of 7 full-page images and 57 head-pieces – are based on original designs by Queen Margrethe II of Denmark. Tolkien had seen her sketches and was so impressed that his executors gave special permission for Fraser to interpret them for these Folio editions. Covers blocked in gold and maps of Middle Earth as endpapers complete this superb edition of one the world’s favorite stories. Volumes decorated with gold gilt block design by Francis Mosley on covers and spine. Printed on Caxton wove paper. Each volume has a different color drawing on a yellow, blue or red background circle. Gold gilt printing within a black box on the spine of each volume. Endpapers are colored green with maps of the Shire and the lands of the journey to Barad-Dur. Brown slipcase with gold gilt printing and edge decoration. Ingahild Grathmer and Eric Fraser illustrations. The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, The Return of the King. Successive generations have been spellbound by the exploits of Frodo, Gandalf and their comrades as they journey towards Mordor to do battle with the Dark Lord Sauron. There is something about the alluring world of elves, dwarves and old magic which has proved exceptionally popular, working on the imagination both as an enthralling adventure story and, at a deeper level, as 'a comprehensive counter-myth to the story of the twentieth century' (Independent). A compelling grandeur of vision, a searing inventiveness and a depth of humanity give it a rare - and rewarding - greatness. (The Sunday Times). 1352 pages.