Sea Of Cortez: A Leisurely Journal Of Travel And Research And The Log From The Sea Of Cortez

Scarce First Printings Of Both Steinbeck Non-fiction Classics

Publisher Viking
Year 1941
Edition FIRST
Printing FIRST
Pages 880
Binding Hardcover
Condition Very Good
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Together these two extremely rare Steinbeck editions offer both a scientific work on the marine life in the Sea of Cortez and relaxed evening discussion of the meaning of life with his friend Ed Ricketts..Rare to be found in any condition, neither is often found in the condition of these two fine books. “As we moved up the Gulf, the mirage we had heard about began to distort the land. While it is worse on the Sonora coast, it is sufficiently interesting on the Peninsula to produce a heady, crazy feeling in the observer......One remembers the old stories of invisible kingdoms where princes lived with ladies and dragons for company, and the more modern fairy tales in which heroes drift in and out of dimensions more complex than the original three. We are open enough to miracles of course, but what must have been the feeling of the discovering Spaniards? While we were eating, a boat came alongside and two Indians climbed aborad....Their canoe was typical of the region and was intersting.........."The name, California," Clavigero goes on, "was applied to a single port in the beginning, but later it was extended to mean all the Peninsula. Some geographers have even taken the liberty of comprising under this denomination New Mexico, the country of the Apaches, and other regions very remote from the true California and which have nothing to do with it."......Early in the morning we sailed from our shelter under Pescadero Point and crossed the channel again. It was a very short run........There were many manta rays cruising slowly near the surface, with only the tips of their "wings" protruding above the water. They seemed to hover, and when we approached too near, they disappeared into the blue depths....." Add this to your special Rare First Edition Library! First Edition. "In 1940 Steinbeck sailed in a sardine boat with his great friend the marine biologist, Ed Ricketts, to collect marine invertebrates from the beaches of the Gulf of California. The expedition was described by the two men in "Sea Of Cortez", published in 1941. The day-to-day story of the trip is told here in the Log, which combines science, philosophy and high-spirited adventure. This book is an exhilarating and highly entertaining read. The collaboration of two friends-one a novelist, one a novelist, one a marine biologist-produced a volume in which fascinating popular science is woven into a narrative of man's dreams, his ideals, and his accomplishments through the centuries. "Sea of Cortez" is one of those rare books that are all things to all readers. Actually the record of a brief collecting expedition in the lonely Gulf of California, it will be science to the scientist, philosophy to the philosopher, and to the average man an adventure in living and thinking. "The Log From The Sea of Cortez" is a book to be read and remembered on two levels. It is a journey through a remote and beautiful corner of the world, a diary filled with the daily excitements and triumphs of skillful and energetic men. It is also an invitation to see the world anew from a fresh vantage point and perhaps with a broader and more understanding spirit." SEA OF CORTEZ: A LEISURELY JOURNAL OF TRAVEL AND RESEARCH, 1941 - John Steinbeck & E.F. Ricketts Viking, 1941. FIRST EDITION, first printing. Extremely scarce edition. Excellent condition, hinges and binding are in very strong condition, pages are clean and crisp and are in very good condition including section of drawings and photographs, publisher's green cloth covers with silver titles minimal rubbing and shelf wear some fading to spine, half-title-page appears to have had previous owner's name which has been vigorously erased, first page of introduction has a crease, endpages and inside covers show some aging, edges of text block minimal wear and soiling. Facsimile dust jacket looks immaculate in removable/protective mylar cover. Profusely illustrated with black and white and color plates and with cartographic endpapers. Includes the long Annotated Phyletic Catalogue and Bibliography - "Scientific Appendix Comprising Materials for a Source Book on the Marine Animals of the Panamic Fanual Province." Steinbeck's biologist co-author ‘Doc Ricketts’ was a lifelong friend and the model for the hero of Cannery Row. This is Steinbeck's most impressive non- fiction work and was published just two years after his literary epic - The Grapes Of Wrath,. Thus, written at the height of his powers of narration and description. An important book for various reasons (still consulted by marine researchers) including offering a fascinating account of a trip to an unspoiled Baja. 598 pages.

THE LOG FROM THE SEA OF CORTEZ, 1951 - John Steinbeck - DJ Viking, 1951. FIRST EDITION, first printing. Spectacular condition, pages in fantastic, clean condition and show no signs of wear, binding is very strong and the maroon boards have no bumped corners, bright gilt titles. Very scarce original dust jacket in very good condition, light edge wear, fading at the spine and portion of the front cover, small half-inch chip at base of spine. A rare book in fine condition and full of wisdom. 282 pages.