Our Common Birds And How To Know Them

Publisher Charles Scribner's Sons
Year 1891
Edition 1st
Binding Hardcover
Condition Very Good
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Charles Scribner's Sons, 1891. FIRST EDITION. Our Common Birds and How to Know Them with sixty-four plates,. From the Introduction: "Until a comparatively recent date, no universally accepted system of bird nomenclature has been in vogue. Naturalists have, perhaps, not always been wise in the names they have bestowed upon the several varieties, and their successors have not hesitated to christen again and again according to their supposed better judgment or knowledge. It therefore came to pass that a bird could have several scientific, that is, Latin names, and it was even necessary in some instances, when making use of one of them, to append the name of the man who had applied it, to indicate with certainty what bird was meant. "This state of things naturally created considerable confusion--a confusion which must unfortunately continue to exist in all our bird literature antedating in publication the year 1885." This lovely old hardcover has suffered some damage to the cloth boards, and is loosening inside but intact (no visible gutters or hinges). The brown boards are decorated with lovely graphics of flying birds. Spine is worn and loosened. No dust jacket. Pages are beginning to yellow, but this was printed on high quality paper and it is still in very good shape. Some foxing and dampness staining on f.e.p. Christmas seals (1945) have inexplicably been added to the first blank page. 216 pages.