Publisher The American News Company
Year 1893
Edition LTD
Pages 317
Binding Hardcover
Condition Very Good
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The American News Company, 1893. Very scarce Special Edition Limited To One Hundred Thousand Copies - 'Barabbas: A Dream Of The World's Tragedy' - wonderful antique Marie Corelli title. As her revisionary fantasy of the Crucifixion, Barabbas, sufficiently alarmed her publisher, Mr. Bentley, that he rejected it with the excuse, "I fear the effect on the public mind." Marie quite rightly took the book to a new publisher & Barabbas became one of her largest international successes, the first of a trilogy that reformed the whole history of Christianity, & of the devil, to suit her own phantasmagorical faith. the title page is loose and a bit tattered. There is a name inscription, but no additional markings or tears. The cover has separated on inside as shown. At one time Correlli was the most widely read author England possessed in spite of the journalistic slurs against her.. Henry Miller called her work "extraordinary," "captivating," & regarded her an author of "tremendous courage & imagination," pleading for a serious reassessment of her imaginative storytelling prowess: "She had a gift for portraiture, scenic descriptions, wonderful characterizations & an ability to hold the reader in perpetual suspense. Though it is customary to speak of her contemptuously & derisively, I myself find her work to be always fascinating & gripping." 317 + pages.