Costa Rica Life Above The Jungle Floor : A Biologist Explores The Most Complex Communities Of Life In The Known Universe

Scarce Author Signed

Publisher DON PERRO
Year 1986
Edition FIRST
Pages 170
Binding Softcover
Condition Near Fine
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Don Perro Press, 1986. Softcover, 7" x 9½". FIRST EDITION, number-line with "1" suggests first printing, yet back cover states "fourth printing?" Rare flatsigned in person by author. Very good condition, clean and tightly bound, few minimal light creases on a handful of pages. "At thirty feet above the jungle floor, the 'canopy' begins, and here is the largest - perhaps the most important and certainly the most fascinating - part of the jungle. This aerial zone ascends as high as as 17-story building. It is here, in a hidden environment, that two-thirds of the jungle's plants and animals spend their lives, and it is here that 80% of the entire jungle's food is produced. Donald Perry's work as a field biologist in the Costa Rican rain forest yields the first chronicle of this treetop life." Spectacular gift or addition to any nature or adventure oriented collection. 170 pages including comprehensive index.