Cuba Libre

Signed By Auithor

Publisher Delacorte Press
Year 1998
Edition FIRST
Printing FIRST
Pages 343
Binding Hardcover
Condition Fine
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Delacorte Press, 1998. FIRST EDITION, first printing: number line complete, containing numeral ‘1’. Signed by Elmore Leonard on the title page. Excellent condition, original dust jacket in excellent condition not price-clipped. A thrilling novel of the Spanish-American War (which centered on Cuba’s nascent struggle for freedom) by the author of Glitz, Get Shorty, and Freaky Deaky. “Set on the eve of the Spanish-American War, Elmore Leonards electrifying novel takes off like a shot. A spellbinding journey into the heart and soul of the Cuban revolution of a hundred years ago, Cuba Libre is an explosive mix of high adventure, history brought to life, and a honey of a love story--all with the dead-on dialogue and unforgettable characters that mark Elmore Leonard as an American original.Just three days after the sinking of the battleship Maine in Havana harbor, Ben Tyler arrives with a string of horses to sell--cover for a boatload of guns hes running to Cuban insurgents, risking a firing squad if hes caught.This cowboys first day ashore sets the pace for a wild ride to come. He sells the horses to an American planter, Roland Boudreaux, whos making a killing in Cuba...meets the mans sparkly New Orleans-born mistress, Amelia Brown, and falls in love...makes an enemy of a terrorizing Guardia Civil officer named Tavalera, and a friend of a mysterious old Cuban, Victor forced into a gunfight and thrown in prison, Tavalera determined to nail him as a spy. Tyler has done time in the past for robbing banks, but never in a place like Morro Castle. America is about to declare war on Spain, and if Tyler doesnt manage to get out very soon, hes a dead man. How his escape comes about, with surprising help, is the high point from which the plot takes off on a train ride across Cuba, with Tyler and Amelia looking for more than love, a lot more--a chance to snatch a bundle of Boudreauxs cash, if they can pull it off. But who can you trust? Everyone's a schemer in this one.Leonard breaks new ground in this rip-roaring jaunt into history, packed with all the twists, turns, sly plot, and wicked wit his fans have come to expect of the writer who has redefined the art of the novel. Elmore Leonard has written thirty-four novels, including such bestsellers as Out of Sight, Riding the Rap, Pronto, Rum Punch, and Get Shorty, and numerous screenplays.” Signed by author on title page. 343 pages.