Sappho's Leap

Publisher Norton
Year 2003
Edition FIRST
Printing FIRST
Pages 316
Condition As New
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W.W. Norton, 2003. FIRST EDITION, first printing. 1234567890 first edition book like new. dj almost like new. Erica Jong takes the poet Sappho for her inspiration in this biographical novel, following her life from the age of 14, when she falls in love with the poet Alcaeus, through her many romantic adventures and finally her journey to the kingdom of Hades. Publisher's NoteFearless, exuberant, and passionate, Sappho is Erica Jong's most unforgettable heroine. Sappho's Leap is a journey back 2,600 years to inhabit the mind of the greatest love poet the world has ever known. At the age of fourteen, Sappho is seduced by the beautiful poet Alcaeus, plots with him to overthrow the dictator of their island, and is caught and married off to a repellent older man in hopes that matrimony will keep her out of trouble. Instead, it starts her off on a series of amorous adventures with both men and women, taking her from Delphi to Egypt, and even to the Land of the Amazons and the shadowy realm of Hades. Erica Jong-always our keenest-eyed chronicler of the wonders and vagaries of sex and love-has found the perfect subject for a witty and sensuous tale of a passionate woman ahead of her time. A generation of readers who have been moved to laughter and recognition by Jong's heroines will be enchanted anew by her re-creation of the immortal poet. Industry reviews"Much of this is highly entertaining, and the sexuberantly anachronistic one-liners are sometimes wonderful..., sometimes effulgently absurd....Nevertheless: one of Jong's most enjoyable books." Kirkus Reviews (03/01/2003) "The author of the sexual-revolution classic FEAR OF FLYING has a reputation to uphold, and she rises to the occasion by imagining Sappho as an updated compilation of every Jongian heroine to date....Erica Jong's celebrity will never rest on her literary talents....But her effort to bring to life an ancient writer engrossed in politics, family and the creation of poetry is a relief from the relentlessly everyday sincerity of much current 'women-oriented' writing. If only she had confronted the real historical mystery of how Sappho made her way in the violent, male-dominated world of ancient Greece--such a novel would have done justice to the remarkable woman that Sappho obviously was." New York Times Book Review - Joy Connolly (05/18/2003) "SAPPHO'S LEAP is deeply reminiscent of the Isadora Wing books: Sappho is yet another woman balancing motherhood, art, fame and a letch for younger lovers. The book, lively throughout, works best when Sappho finds herself among the Amazons. here Jong takes the opportunity to skewer the feminist debate she herself helped to engender." Kirkus Reviews (10/01/2003) Signed by author Erica Jong large and bold on title page. 316 pages.