John Glenn

Memoir, A

Publisher BANTAM - DELL
Year 1999
Edition FIRST
Pages 422
Condition Fine
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Bantam-Dell, 1999. FIRST EDITION. Excellent condition, looks unread. First American astronaut to orbit the Earth. -a hero- a true American icon.-he takes the reader into the cockpit of the planes and spacecraft he flew.- a life of public service-U.S. Senator-devotion, courage, and honor and powerful inspiration. Great book! originally $27.00. In this memoir, Glenn recounts his career challenges and milestones as a Marine fighter pilot, an astronaut, and a four-term U.S. Senator. He provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse into how his Discovery mission in 1998 differed from his five-hour solo flight in 1962, when he became the first American to orbit the Earth. Glenn recently retired from four terms in the US Senate, tells his story. Always resisting the label "hero, " John Glenn's life is nonetheless one of the heroic accomplishment: a Marine fighter pilot in World War II and Korea, a supersonic test pilot, and the first American to orbit the earth-in Friendship 7 in 1962. Overnight Glenn became an international symbol for the conquest of space, restoring American confidence eroded during the Cold War, and later he became a US Senator from Ohio. At the same time he remained the unpretentious husband to his wife Annie-one of Washington's rare "great love stories" according to Life magazine-and the father of two children. When he was facing retirement from the Senate at the age of 77, John Glenn conceived an extraordinary new ambition: to return to space. In a book written (with the help of Nick Taylor) in his own unassuming, sometimes blunt voice, John Glenn will tell his story, focusing on his two space missions. Industry reviews "JOHN GLENN: A a breezy but detailed account of Glenn's struggles and triumphs in a life dedicated to public service." Singh "But the chief appeal of this plainly told memoir is in describing a life of supreme centeredness and focus. The Glenn it paints is a man who took a slide rule and checklist to the challenges before him, who achieved his goals through dedication and earnestness more than passion and inspiration....In a modern world that provides too few sources of inspiration...Glenn's story stands as a lighthouse of reassurance, a testament to the power of competence and sheer dedication." Denver Post - Mark G. Harden (11/21/1999) "[Glenn's] earnestness and vitality come across clearly in this audio memoir....His performance is both inspirational and accessible...." Signed directly in book and inscribed "To Philip, John Glenn". 422 pages.