The Strand Magazine - Vol. Xiii

Life On A Greenland Whaler;tragedy Of The Korosko; German Stories For Children; Personal Relics Of Queen Victoria; Description Of American Football; The Greatest Juggler In The World; African Milliio

Year 1897
Pages 800
Binding Hardcover
Condition Very Good
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George Newnes, Ltd., January to June 1897 - Vol. XIII. FIRST EDITION, thus. Very good condition, blue embossed covers. Filled with endless illustrations, cartoons, and the legendary literature which makes The Strand the classic it is. This volumes includes : "Life on a Greenland Whaler" and part of "Tragedy of the Korosko" by Arthur Conan Doyle; German stories for Children; Personal Relics of Queen Victoria; very early Description of American Football; "The Greatest Juggler in the World" by William G. FitzGerald; "African Millionaire" by G. Allen; "A Child's Memories of Gad's Hill" by M A Dickens: and, very many other interesting stories and more. 800 pages plus index.