The Legends Of The Jews

Five Matching Volumes

Year 1967
Pages 2362
Binding Hardcover
Condition Near Fine
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Jewish Publication Society (JPS), Philadelphia, PA, 1967-1968. Five (5) matching volumes of seven (7). Black cloth with bright gilt titles. Very good condition throughout, bindings are tight, pages clean, bright gilt design and titles on spine. The "ESSENTIAL REFERENCE WORK" for any serious scholarship into Jewish lore, legend and midrashic commentary. Ginzberg was a giant among Talmudic scholars of the twentieth-century. "Legends of the Jews is an original synthesis of a vast amount of aggadah from all of classical rabbinic literature, as well as apocryphal, pseudopigraphical and even early Christian literature. Ginzberg had an encyclopedic knowledge of all rabbinic literature, and his masterwork included a massive array of aggadot. However he did not create an anthology which showed these aggadot distinctly. Rather, he paraphrased them and rewrote them into one continuous narrative." Includes Volume II - "From Joseph to the Exodus" 1969. ninth impression, 375 pages; Volume III - "Moses in the Wilderness" . 1968, fifth impression, 481 pages; Volume IV - "From Joshua to Esther" 1968, seventh impression, 448 pages; Volume V - "Notes on From Creation to Exodus" 1968, eighth impression, 446 pages; and, Volume VII - Comprehensive Index, 1967, third printing, 612 pages. Black cloth covers with bright gilt on all. 2362 pages (375 + 481 + 448 + 446 + 612)