The Story Of Civilization

Ten Volumes With Jackets

Publisher Simon & Schuster
Year 1965
Edition FIRST
Pages 8166
Binding Hardcover
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Simon & Schuster, 1965. FIRST EDITION, fifth printing. Ten (10) matching volumes with original dust jackets. Books in excellent condition throughout, jackets have tears and chips. Monumental lifelong effort of the husband and wife team of Will and Ariel Durant. 8166 pages.

I. Our Oriental Heritage - A History of Asiatic Civilization; Being a history of civilization in Egypt and the Near East to the death of Alexander, and in India, China and Japan from the beginning to our own day; with an introduction on the nature and foundation of civilization; List of illustrations; Types and Cultures of Prehistoric Man (fold-out); 938 pages. II. The Life of Greece - A History of Greek Civilization From 1200 To 146 B.C.: Being a history of Greek civilization in the Near East from the death of Alexander, to the Roman conquest; with an introduction on the prehistoric culture of Crete; List of illustrations. 671 pages. III. Caesar and Christ - A History of Roman Civilization And Of Christianity from their beginnings to A. D. 325; Frontispiece; A map of the Roman Empire faces page 464 (tri-fold-out); List of illustrations. 672 pages. IV. The Age of Faith - A History of Medieval Civilization - Christian, Islamic, and Judaic - from Constantine To Dante: A.D. 325-1300; Frontispiece; List of illustrations. 1086 pages. V. The Renaissance - A History of Civilization In Italy From 1304-1576 A.D.,The Birth Of Petrarch To The Death Of Titian; List of illustrations. 728 pages. VI. The Reformation - A History of European Civilization From Wyclif To Calvin: 1300-1564; List of illustrations. 940 pages. VII. The Age of Reason Begins - A History of European Civilization In The Period Of Shakespeare, Bacon, Montaigne, Rembrandt, Galileo, And Descartes: 1558-1648: List of illustrations. 647 pages. VIII. The Age of Louis XIV - A History of European Civilization From The Accession To The Death Of Louis XIV: In The Period of Pascal, Molière, Cromwell, Milton, Peter the Great, Newton, and Spinoza: 1643-1715. List of illustrations. 721 pages. IX. The Age of Voltaire - A History of Civilization in Western Europe from 1715 to 1756, with Special Emphasis on the Conflict between Religion and Philosophy; European Civilization From The French Regency To The Seven Years' War (French Revolution): 1715-1756. List of illustrations. 798 pages. X. Rousseau and Revolution - A History of European Civilization from the Seven Years' War to the Fall of the Bastille: 1756-1789; in France, England, and Germany from 1756, and in the Remainder of Europe from 1715, to 1789. 965 pages.