Quest For The Unknown

12 Volume Set

Publisher Readers Digest
Year 1991
Pages 1728
Binding Hardcover
Condition Fine
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Readers Digest 1991. Oversized, 12 volume set. Near mint as new condition throughout. Glossy illustrated covers and color decorated endpapers. Volumes included : Earth’s Mysterious Places; Man And Beast; Mysteries Of The Ancients; Secrets Of The Natural World; New Age Healing; Life Beyond Death; UFO : The Continuing Enigma (Index, explores UFO phenomena, from meteorology to aeronautics, numerous theories explored, well illustrated. , 144 pages); Bizarre Phenomena; Charting The Future; Ghosts And Hauntings; Unsolved Mysteries Of The Past, 144 pages; Mind Power (Hardback with pictorial cover, Book condition Near Fine, Covers ESP, telepathy, hypnosis and Freudian analysis, multiple personality, psychic archaeology, divining and dowsing, the Uri Geller controversy, poltergeists, mass hysteria, the PSI society, and all the usual suspects. Lavishly Illustrated in color throughout;) and, Earth's Mysterious Places. 1728 pages.