Disney's Family Storybook Library

Fable For Living, Learning & Loving 12 Volumes

Year 2000
Edition FIRST
Binding Hardcover
Condition Fine

Not for sale

Disney Enterprises, Inc., 2000. FIRST EDITION. Excellent condition. Beautiful complete 12 volume book set from Walt Disney. "FAMILY STORYBOOK LIBRARY" containing fables for living, loving, and learning. Useful in that it not only entertaining to the children but teaches them values, compassion, importance of love and family and much more. Each hardback book is filled with colorful Disney animation. Spines of each of 12 books form illustration within the excellent condition original illustrated slip case. Volumes include : There's Always Something to Celebrate; Let Your Heart Be Your Guide; When the Right Thing Is Hard to Do; The Humblest Package Can Contain the Greatest Gift; The Heart Is the Strongest Muscle; Your Place in the Circle of Life; Friendship Takes You Places; A True Friend is a Treasure; Say What You Mean and Do What You Say; Hard Work Deserves Reward; and, Nothing Is Stronger Than a Parent's Love. Stories included from: Pinocchio, 101 Dalmatians, Peter Pan, The little Mermaid, Snow White, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Beaut y and the Beast, Toy Story, The Jungle Book, The lion King, Cinderella, Mulan, Robin Hood, The hunchback of Notre Dame, Lady and the Tramp, Pocahontas, Bambi, The Aristocats, and Alice in Wonderland.Rare to find as complete set.