Works Of Washington Irving, The

Complete 15 Volume Set - Matched Binding

Year 1904
Pages 8000
Binding Hardcover
Condition Very Good
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Co-Operative Publication Society, New York. FIRST EDITION, thus. Matched Complete 15 volume Set. 5x8 Inches. These fifteen volumes are all bound in black cloth with gold lettering on the spines and contain over twenty of Irving's works as well as a biography of Irving by Richard Henry Stoddard. Each Volume Illustrated With A Frontispiece The set includes the following stories: Vol 1 : The Sketch Book, Legends of the Conquest of Spain, and A Life of Washington Irving (by Richard Henry Stoddard), 561 pages; Vol.2 : The Alhambra, Tales of a Traveler, 571 pages; Vol. 3 : The Conquest of Granada, Newstead Abbey, and Abbotsford, 576 pages; Vol. 4 : Knickerbocker's History of New York, Knickerbocker's Miscellanies, 540 pages; Vol.5 : Salmagundi, Voyages of the Companions of Christopher Columbus, 576 pages; Vol. 6-7 : The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus and A Tour on th Prairies, Vol.8 : Moorish Chronicles, Astoria, Vol. 9 : Mahomet and His Successors,; Vol 10 : Life of Oliver Goldsmith, The Crayon Papers, and Moorish Chronicles, 600 pages; Vol 11 : Adventures of Captain Bonneville, and, Vol.12-15 : the Life of George Washington in Four Volumes. This is a wonderful collection of the literary efforts of one of the nineteenth century's most influential novelists and biographers. Fantastic addition to any library or collection. 8000 pages.