Selections From Rootabaga Stories And Rootabaga Pigeons

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Harcourt, Brace And Company, 1929. FIRST EDITION. Very good condition, clean interior, yellow covers soiled, overall a superios copy. Illustrated by Peggy Bacon including illustrated endpapers, colored frontispiece and 16 full page illustrations with numerous additional illustrations throughout text. "A wonderul children's book of interrelated short stories by Carl Sandburg. The whimsical, sometimes melancholy stories, which often use nonsense language[1], were originally created for his own daughters. Sandburg had three daughters, Margaret, Janet and Helga, whom he nicknamed "Spink", "Skabootch" and "Swipes" -those nicknames occur in some of his Rootabaga stories. The "Rootabaga" stories were born of Sandburg's desire for "American fairy tales" to match American childhood. He felt that the European stories involving royalty and knights were inappropriate, and so set his stories in a fictionalized American Midwest called "the Rootabaga country" filled with farms, trains, and corn fairies." 259 pages.