Fountainhead, The

Year 1943
Edition FIRST
Pages 754
Binding Hardcover
Condition Fair

Not for sale

The Bobbs Merrill Company, 1943, FIRST EDITION, second variant, early printing. Rare collectible edition of the Ayn Rand Classic The Fountainhead. The pages are in good condition. The green cloth boards are frayed at the edges and corners and the green has faded to an olive color as you can see in the pictures. There is a very light pen marking on the bottom of the front cover. The hinges are loose. Facsimile dust jacket. It has the well-known original first edition typographical errors as follows: Page 9: The page number "9" looks like an "o". Page 321 LIne 5: "refrred". Page 381 Line 4: " G.W. , the "G" is shorter than the "W". Page 480 Line 2: Dominique misspelled "Domininque". Bookstore price $3.00 is marked in pen on the inside back page. 754 pages.