Goodbye Colombus: The Paris Review

Publisher The Paris Review
Year 1958
Edition 1ST
Binding Softcover
Condition Fine
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The Paris Review #20 Autumn-winter 1958-59. FIRST EDITION. Scarce edition in great shape! The TRUE first edition of Goodbye Columbus, Philip Roth's novella commands as much as $3500 per copy, yet was not published for nearly one full year after it's first appearance here! The piece won the Paris Review Fiction Prize, the book won the Houghton Mifflin Literary Fellowship and the 1960 National Book Award quitean auspicious start! Goodbye Columbus was also successfully adapted to the screen in a diverting feature starring Ali McGraw and Richard Benjamin in the title roles. In addition to Philip Roth, the issue also has work by William Butler, James Jones, Louis Simpson, Robert Bly, James Wright, Edward Watkins, William Stafford, Stephen Orgel, Richard Elman, Thomas Whitbread, Allan Grossman, Ralph Pomeroy, Peter Levi S.J., E.G. Burrows; and art by Marc Chagall and Jean Helion.