My Luke And I

Publisher Signet
Year 1977
Edition FIRST
Printing FIRST
Pages 178
Binding Paperback
Condition Fine
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Signet, 1977. FIRST EDITION, first printing 'stated' Paperback. Excellent condition, perhaps never read. It was a dream marriage. He was Lou Gehrig, pride of the Yankees - his awesome power, his superb skills, his driving dedication, all adding up to immortal greatness on-the diamond. She was a perfect match for him, beautiful, self-assured, full of life and love of people, leading him into a world of romance and glamour he had never known. Then, one day, the doctors told Eleanor Gehrig the truth about the disease sapping the strength of the man she loved-and the years of struggle began . a struggle that neither of them could ultimately win . yet a struggle that was in the end unforgettably triumphant . "The First Staff Man Who Watched Lou's Arrival At The Mayo Clinic Was Dr. Harold C. Habein. It Was The First Time Dr. Habein Had Ever Seen The Celebrated Captain Of The New York Yankees, He Shook Hands, Then Said: 'Excuse Me A Moment, Lou: "To Harold Habein, The Impression Was Unmistakable And Devastating. He Had Watched His Own Mother Die Slowly With The Same Shuffling Gait. He Went Straight Inside To Dr. Mayo's Private Office And Said: 'My God, The Boy's Got Amyotropic Lateral Sclerosis: " The whole world knows how tragically Lou Gehrig died. What isn't known is how he won his very private victory over despair. Here is the heartwanning book that brings to magnificent life the man, his pride and his courage, and the love of the woman who helped him in so many ways she never let him know." 16 pages of Rare Personal Photos. 174 + 4 pages.