The Beatles

Beatles (5) Paperback Collection

Publisher Signet
Year 1968
Pages 157
Binding Paperback
Condition Very Good
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Books Included in Set:

The Beatles


Lennon Remembers

The True Story Of The Beatles

---------------------- The Beatles

by Anthony Scaduto

Publisher : Signet Year : 1968 Pages : 157 Binding : Paperback

Signet, 1968. Sex, drugs, music, meditation...what next? Yesterday, today, and tomorrow! 8 pages of photos. 157 pages.

============ The Beatles : The Real Story

by Julius Fast

Publisher : Berkley Medallion Year : 1968 Pages : 208 Binding : Paperback

Berkley Medallion, New York, 1968. Illustrated with black and white plates. The Chapters are: Prologue: The First Coming of the Beatles; John Lennons Childhood; Paul McCartneys Childhood; George Harrisons Childhood; John Paul George and Pete: Learning the Trade; Hamburg and the Making of a Group; Brian Epstein Becomes the Beatles Manager; Ringo Starrs Childhood; Instant Fame or The Royal Command Performance; Touring England and the Fall of Paris; Understanding the Beatlemaniacs; A Hard Days Night and an Easy Tour; Touring Great Britain and Filming Help; What Are the Beatles Really Like; They Receive the Order of the British Empire and Meet Elvis Presley; John and Jesus and an End to Touring; The Changing Pattern of Beatles Sound; They Want to Turn Us On: A Musical Maturation; Transcendental Meditation and the Magical Mystery Tour; and The Future Stretches Out. 208 pages.



by Ray Coleman

Publisher : Mcgraw-hill Year : 1986 Pages : 591 Binding : Paperback

McGraw-Hill, 1986. Mass Market Paperback. Thick book, 591 pages + photos. Biography of the legendary musician. 591 pages.


Lennon Remembers : The Rolling Stone Interviews

by Jann Wenner

Publisher : Popular Library Year : 1971 Pages : 189 Binding : Paperback

Popular Library, 1971. For the first time ever in print, the complete and uncensored 1970 Rolling Stone interview with John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Lennon Remembers presents a complex portrait of this musical genius within his cultural and political context. 59 rare photos. 189 pages


The True Story Of The Beatles

by Billy Shepherd

Publisher : Bantam Year : 1964 Condition : Good Binding : Paperback

Bantam, 1964. "Direct from England! The Original book about The Beatles! Contains 32 pages of black and white photos.