Hemingway's Chair

Publisher St. Martin'S Press
Year 1998
Edition FIRST
Printing FIRST
Pages 280
Binding Hardcover
Condition As New
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St. Martin's Press, 1988. Hardcover. Book Condition: As New. Dust Jacket Condition: As New. 1st Edition. 1st Printing. The author's breakthrough debut novel. The first appearance of the title in the United States. "Martin Sproale is the very model of a modern Walter Mitty. An assistant postmaster in the coastal town of Threston, he lives at home with his mother and rides his bicycle to work each day. It's a pleasant but uneventful sort of life, marked only by Martin's growing fascination with the life, works, and personal style of Ernest Hemingway. Palin's debut is, in some ways, a surprise: Poignant rather than funny, skillfully paced and couched in workmanlike prose. Readers expecting Python-esque absurdity might find themselves disappointed. But only at first. With patience, this book unfolds its more subtle pleasures with understated aplomb" (Publisher's blurb). "The book's strengths are precisely the ones you don't expect: Its dry, deftly understated wit; its careful plot and character construction; its hearty, well-formed sentences; its clever, on-the-money dialogue" (The New York Times). 280 pages.