Historical Ginzburg Magbook

Year 1962
Edition FIRST
Printing FIRST
Pages 97
Binding Hardcover
Condition Near Fine
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Eros Magazine Inc 1962. FIRST EDITION, first printing. Summer 1962 Vol 1 Number 2 New York. Fantastic condition throughout. Tightly bound hard cover 10x13". "magbook" format, clean pages. One of four issues published that many credit for changes the morals of an entire society. Due to very small publication numbers and the forces of the time against it's very existence, few copies remain today. Thus, extremely scarce.

Offered here is the second of the four issues published, which includes - Illustrted throughout with photographs many in color some full page. Sixteen articles, in this the second issue of a ground breaking publication. Contents:We All Love Jack by Faye Emerson, The Contraceptive Industry by John Hejno, The Condom Conundrum by John W. Kilpatrick, Cigar Box Sirens, The Secret Message of Lady Chatterley's Lover by Ralph Ginzburg, The Male Chastity Belt, Love Among the Indians by Arthur Herzog, Les Mesdemoiselles de la Rue St. Denis, Photographs by Marvin Newman, 1601 by Mark Twain, What Mark Twain Reveals About Himself in1601 by David Bar-Illan, Mother Goose Censored, The Black Pagoda of Konarak Text by Santha Rama Rau and Photographs by Eliot Elisofon, A Bed for Maria A Short, Short Story by Ray Bradbury, The Scent of Love by Drs. Eberhard W. and Phyllis C. Kronhausen, Ovid: Love Poems, and Letters. Most amusing perhaps, the replies sent back to the editors in response to their invitation to take out a subscription to the magazine. Whilst they stress that overall reaction was favorable, the responses of the detractors make for hilarious reading, and a selection of some of these are reprinted in facsimile in this issue.

By today's standards there is little in the content of any of the four "magbooks" published under the Eros banner that would qualify for even a PG-13 motion picture rating! In part, the change to a more open and accepting society must be credited to these publications.

EROS was the creation of Ralph Ginzburg, who on his death in 2006 the New York Times said was "a taboo-busting editor and publisher who helped set off the sexual revolution in the 1960's with Eros magazine and was imprisoned for sending it through the United States mail in a case decided by the Supreme Court.

First published in 1962, Eros was a stunningly designed hardcover "magbook" devoted to eroticism. While Playboy and other men's magazines of the time catered mostly to male fantasies, Eros (named for the Greek god of love and desire) covered a wide swath of sexuality in history, politics, art and literature. Mr. Ginzburg valued good writing, and his contributors included Nat Hentoff, Arthur Herzog and Albert Ellis.

Mr. Ginzburg's eventual conviction on the obscenity charge hinged not on the content of his publications but on their promotion. The Supreme Court held that if "the purveyor's sole emphasis is on the sexually provocative aspects of his publications," that could justify a finding of obscenity for content that might otherwise be marginally acceptable"."

Obviously, a historical publication in addition to offering the highest quality of writing and art. 97 pages.