Art Of Rowena, The

Publisher Collin And Brown Ltd
Year 2000
Pages 109
Binding Hardcover
Condition Fine
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Collin and Brown Ltd , 2000. Brand new hardback copy of THE ART OF ROWENA. A Science Fiction Club edition. Text by Doris Vallejo. Forward by Greg and Tim Hildebrandt. Hardback with Dust Jacket in most excellent condition! Features the science fiction, fantasy and erotic artwork of Rowena Morrill. "The ART of ROWENA is a stunning new collection of the work of Rowena Morrill, one of the most respected adn successful female fantasy artists. Known for her polished, sensuous portrayals of fairytale worlds and their creatures, her depictions of heroic warriors, exotic women and exquisite monsters reveal her artistic diversity and her superb technique..." If you are a Tolkein, Hobbit, Lord of the Rings fan, you'll love several of the colorplates in this book! Also, angels, dragons, and more. Rowena found a bit of 'infamy' during the invasion of Iraq when her work was found extensively in residences of Saddam Husseins! 109 pages with index.