Temeraire : In The Service Of The King Omnibus

His Majesty's Dragon - Throne Of Jade - Black Powder War

Year 2006
Binding Hardcover
Condition As New
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SCIENCE FICTION BOOK CLUB, June 2006. FIRST EDITION, thus, first printing of US hardcover edition. Like new condition, never read. Original illustrated dust jacket, as new. Includes : HIS MAJESTY'S DRAGON; THRONE OF JADE; and, BLACK POWDER WAR. Naomi Novik breathes new life into a formidable fantasy icon with the first three books in an exciting new series set during the Napoleonic Wars. In Temeraire, valiant warriors rise to Britain's defense by taking to the skies - not aboard aircraft, but atop the mighty backs of fighting dragons. Future Peter Jackson series of movies, sound familiar! First Hobbits then a giant gorilla and now Peter Jackson is turning his hand to an air force of dragons, manned by crews of aviators. TEMERAIRE, a historical fantasy book series that sees squadrons of dragons fighting in the Napoleonic wars, has captured the imagination of the Lord of the Rings director. The plot centres on British naval captain Will Laurence, who seizes a French ship and discovers an unhatched dragon egg - a gift from the emperor of China to Napoleon. When the egg hatches, he is forced to become the dragon's keeper. The monster is called TEMERAIRE (meaning "Daring" in French). "TEMERAIRE is a terrific meld of two genres that I particularly love - fantasy and historical epic," Jackson told The Hollywood Reporter. "I can't wait to see Napoleonic battles fought with a squadron of dragons. That's what I go to the movies for." Jackson is also planning to turn TEMERAIRE into a computer game franchise."As I was reading these books," adds the New Zealander director, "I could see them coming to life in my mind's eye. These are beautifully written novels, not only fresh, original and fast-paced, but full of wonderful characters with real heart." The book series was written by New York computer-programmer-turned-novelist Naomi Novik."I was warned that whatever happens in Hollywood, you should assume it is 10 degrees below reality," explained Novik. "So if they say Peter Jackson has it, it really means Peter Jackson's assistant's personal trainer has it." "I never took it seriously until [the film rights agent] called myself and [my literary agent] and said, 'Peter wants the book.' There was lot of screaming in my household when I first got the call," she said. Novik, who first read JRR Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings aged six, was relieved to have her creation in the hands of the man who brought the books to the screen. "Those movies meant so much to me," Novik said.