Argosy Mens Magazine

Publisher Argosy
Edition 1ST
Binding Hardcover
Condition Good
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Argosy, 1920s. FIRST EDITION (specially bound) Nicely bound issues of Argosy magazine, bound in red and blue cloth. The Cover is a pasted-down cover cut out of one of the weekly issues. The spine of the book has the title "Tales of the Legion" on it, probably from same issue as cover label came from. Reference to events of the 1920's dates the bound material. While there doesn't seem to be any specific order to the manner the contents have been bound, there are 3 distinct covers inside, yet contents suggest material came from several more issues than that. Pages of ads ( Rosicrutians, handguns for sale, tombstones for sale, cure for Piles, Ruptured?, etc. ) and of course a wealth of mens oriented stories. Another cover - "A. Merritt, Seven Footprints to Satan" - features a bald headed gentleman sitting on a throne and accompanied by a black slave, a pretty young woman appears before him; cover has a faded price of 25 Cents hand-written on it. The third cover, dated May 22 is a beautiful baseball illustration, accompanying the featured story : "Screwball" by Richard Sale. Yet more mens stories follow this. Overall, a unique custom bound oversized issue of Argosy magazine with several nice looking covers containing hundreds of pages of "mens'" stories.