Extracts From A Flying Roll, Sermon 1

Lost Tribes Of Israel

Year 1879
Pages 208
Binding Hardcover
Condition Good
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Privately Published, 1879. FIRST EDITION, thus. Good condition, red boards with bright gilt decoration and titles, shows shelf ware. Sermon compiled for the Gentile churches of all sects and denominations and addressed to the Lost Tribes of the house of Israel. Red publisher's printed cloth, blocked in black, covers show wear. Jezreel had been a member of "The New House of Israel", the organization founded after the fall of John Wroe who followed Turner as the head of the Southcottian movement. On board a troop ship to India, he wrote "The Flying Roll" which explained his religious theories. He submitted the book to the Four Trustees of the Christian Israelites at Ashton who promptly burned it. Jezreel never rewrote the book as a whole but instead published three volumes of 'Extracts" from it. He traveled to America and Australia recruiting followers. He married Clarissa Rogers, his most brilliant convert and she ran the cult in his absence. She built the famous "Jezreel Tower" in Gillingham and on his death in 1885 assumed leadership. Jezreel "was sentenced to four years in prison for bragging he could seduce 72,000 women (half of the 144,000 of God's chosen would surely be women). He meant that as Eve had seduced Adam into evil, he, James Jazreel, would seduce women into good, but his ambiguity and his refusal to explain his prophecies to non believers led him to jail," Wright p4. The "Extracts" were sold door to door by colporteurs 208 pages.