Now We Are Six

Antique Winnie The Pooh

Publisher METHUEN & CO. LTD.
Year 1929
Edition FIFTH
Pages 103
Binding Hardcover
Condition Very Good
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Methuen & Co. Ltd., 1929. “FIFTH EDITION” stated ( = FIRST EDITION, fifth printing - in modern parlance this would be considered a first edition fifth printing, the original Pooh books printed few copies and then reprinted every time demand necessitated them to do so. The publisher identified each new printing as a new “edition” even though the printings were in most all cases identical to the very first printing which was most often only weeks prior to these later printings.) Very good condition overall, publishers original deluxe red binding with bright gold characters embossed front and back, corners bumped, wear and fading to spine. Illustrations by Ernest H. Shepard throughout, some line drawings have been colored. Few small drawings in pencil, which should erase easily if so desired. Nice affordable copy of an increasingly scarce early Pooh edition. 103 pages.