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SCRAPBOOK, 1920-1940's - Hundreds (Thousands?) Photo's, Poems, Artwork FIRST EDITION. Home made unique, one-of-a-kind. A lot of work over many years went into creating this large filled scrapbook. With a leaning towards the poetic and cute, the pages are filled with diverse cuttings, carefully pasted down on oversized pages, which are for the most part in very good solid condition. Perhaps a page or two has a closed tear or two, the cover is certainly a bit loose, but this all just adds to the wonderful ambiance of this custom created antique keepsake. For unknown reasons, book has about 120-150 pages filled, about 80 pages or so waiting to be completed. Countless clippings of the era included, so you can complete this gem with your own flare! Overall antique scrapbook is very good condition, measures 14 1/2" high by 10 1/2" wide. Includes loads of other vintage clippings that you can fill out the book with your own flare.