On The Road : The Original Scroll

Advance Uncorrected Proof

Publisher Viking
Year 2007
Edition FIRST
Pages 408
Binding Softcover
Condition As New
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Viking, 2007. FIRST EDITION. ADVANCE UNCORRECTED PROOFS. Softcover. As new, obviously never read, fainstest hint of any wear at all on edges Cover and pages are clean (no markings) and binding is straight and strong. "It became the Beats Bible. Written at a blazing 16000 words a day, Kerouac riffed through the novel like a bebop sax player, hardly pausing for breath, and leaving out any paragraphs. "For the first time, published without edit, including a critical commentary and introduction. The legendary April, 1951 scroll draft of ON THE ROAD, published word for word as Kerouac originally composed it, without paragraph breaks. Written over a period of three weeks, in an amphetamine-fueled state-of-mind, in an apartment in Manhattan. Kerouac typed ON THE ROAD out as one long, single-spaced paragraph encompassing eight long sheets of tracing paper which he later taped together to form the fabled 120-foot scroll. Six years later, Viking published the text that most of us are familiar with today but the original scroll manuscript is slightly longer reflecting Kerouac's trademark sexually frenetic style punctuated by his adroit use of the English language. His friends are written about using their real names, rather than the fictional names used in the final Viking draft. Truly an original piece of American history." Now, with the exhibition of the continuous scroll exciting new levels of interest." This advance reading copy (only a very few pre-sale copies were released to industry insiders before publication) is THE COLLECTIBLE version to add to any rare book collection. "Reading these yeasty pages you need to be wearing Levis and drinking espresso. As Bob Dylan said, 'It changed my life like it changed everyone else's'. Read this immaculate advance copy of the first ever scroll edition and you'll understand the truth of that." A brilliant collectible edition more scarce than the original first printing selling for more than $10,000! 408 pages.