Butterfly Tree

Original Art 26 X 37

Year 2005
Binding Other
Condition As New
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Designs by J.Nina, 2005. ORIGINAL Giclée fine art print on 100% cotton. Measures 26" x 37." The vibrant wheat tones with smooth mottled texture contrasts dramatically with the jet black design. Save the Rainforest Art. The chaotic nature of the Earth's weather system can be summed up by a phenomenon known as the "butterfly effect", which states that the flap of a butterfly's wing in Costa Rica can result in a tornado ripping through China. Meaning that those tiny fluctuations in the highly dynamic system of the weather can result in far bigger effects further down the line, even on the other side of the world. For me the "butterfly effect" is the tiny changes in the daily lives of each individual to make a positive difference. All these seemingly insignificant changes can have a powerful ripple effect towards altering climate change.