A Thousand Miles Up The Nile

Year 1888
Edition SECOND
Pages 468
Binding Hardcover
Condition Very Good
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L.C. Page and Company, n.d. 1888. SECOND EDITION. (Preface to the Second edition dated "1888.") Heavy book, 8" x 5 1/2". Very good condition, original green textured cloth over wide cream cloth with elaborate decoration in gilt. Extensively illustrated. Spine slightly darkened, earliest leaves loose but all connected. Gold gilt page top end; former owner bookplate. "Travelling by dahabiah, a well-appointed sailing craft peculiar to the Nile, and armed with sketch-book and measuring tape, Amelia carefully recorded all she saw of the temples, graves, and monuments - even discovering a buried chapel of her own - and provided in 'A Thousand Miles Up the Nile' the first general archaeological survey of Egypt's ruins. The book is stiff with historical footnotes and careful details - a considerable scientific tome which earned her the admiration of Sir Flinders Petrie, amongst other leading archaeologists of the time. In fact Amelia Edwards was responsible for founding the first chair in Egyptology (a science she helped create) at University College London, and by the time her last book was published, had established herself as one of the few authorities on the subject. She was, of course, a marvellous writer too, which is why 'A Thousand Miles' has remained one of the most inspiring travel books in the language" (Robinson, p.14). "One of the most popular and influential travel books on Egypt" (Kalfatovic 0678). Comprehensive list of the numerous engravings. Amelia Edwards [1831-1892] Contains "the substance of a course of lectures on ancient Egyptian subjects recently delivered in the United States of America." Chapters include; "The Explorers in Egypt," "Buried Cities of Ancient Egypt," "Portrait Painting in Egypt," "Origin of Portrait Sculpture and the History of Ka," "Literature and Religion of Ancient Egypt," "Hieroglyphic Writings of teh Ancient Egyptians," and "Queen Hatsu, and Her Expedition to the Land of Punt.". 468 Pages Including Appendix.