How To Host A Murder Party Game

Class Of '54

Year 1987
Edition DELUXE
Condition Fine
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How to Host a Murder, The Class of '54 or "The Return of Rock n. Roley" copyright 1985, 1986, 1987 Intuitive Marketing. It is August, 1959, in a small town in the U.S.A. The local high school class of 1954 has scheduled its 5th year reunion to coincide with the return to town of Rockford "Rock" N. Roley, the nationally famous rock 'n' roll star. "Rock", himself a member of the '54 graduating class, has agreed to begin the festivities with a concert. A Group of "Rock's" school friends haved planned to meet with the start after the show to talk about old times. Excitement is running high until the recollection of a high school prank leads to the discovery of murder. The friends must dig into the past to determine who amongst them has committed the crime. The Class Of '54, one of the most popular How To Host A Murder games has been re-released and re-packaged in a beautiful and sturdy decorative tin, making this special edition deluxe packaged version the best way to host your very own murder party!. * 1 CD * 1 host guide with instructions * 8 guest invitations and envelopes * 8 player name tags * 8 individual player manuals * 1 sheet of secret clues * 1 diagram of the crime scene.