Tarzan, The Mark Of The Red Hyena

Publisher Whitman Publishing Company
Year 1967
Edition 1ST
Pages 248
Binding Hardcover
Condition Very Good
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Whitman Publishing Company, 1967. First edition thus. Big Little Book # 2055 with color illustration facing every page - approximately 126 color illustrations- good resolution. Legendary character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Tarzan, and his son Korak, enlist the help of gorillas and Waziri warriors to break up a poaching ring. Book adverts for other Big Little books. Cover graphic shows Tarzan, Jane and the leader of the Red Hyena group. " .... half-turned toward the distant termite mounds, the exact position of which he had instantly plotted in his mind, and began to trot steadily in that direction." 248 pages.