Strand Magazine Compilation

Year 1924
Pages 670
Binding Hardcover
Condition Very Good
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Strand Magazine, 1924. FIRST EDITION, thus. July-December 1924 stated. Very good condition throughout, corner bumped, spine ends worn. Endless stories and illustrations, some color. Blue decorated cover, very heavy. Includes work by P.G. Wodehouse, A. Conan Doyle, Charlie Chaplin, and Winston Churchill. Volume LXIX - July-December, 1924 - DOYLE: MEMORIES AND ADVENTURES: X* (drawings and photographs) BRAMAH, Ernest: THE BUNCH OF VIOLETS (J. Dewar Mills)(DOYLE). David DEVANT: IS THERE A SHERLOCK HOLMES AMONG OUR READERS?: THE TERRIBLE AUNT (A.Bailey). Mystery to be solved by the reader. GEORGE, W. L.: THE SQUARE DIAMOND (John Campbell) SWAYNE, Martin: A SENSE OF THE FUTURE (Frank Gillett) WALLACE, Edgar: THE MIND OF THE RACE-HORSE: DO HORSES THINK? (photographs) AUSTIN, F.Britten: THE MYSTERY OF THE DUKE OF BERRISFORD (S. Seymour Lucas) BEESTON, L. J.: THE PIPE (A. Gilbert) WODEHOUSE, P.G.: THE RUMMY AFFAIR OF OLD BIFFY (A. Wallis Mills) AUSTIN, F. Britten: THE FOURTH DEGREE (S. Seymour Lucas) BEESTON, L. J.: THE DUEL (F.E. Hiley) BELL, J. J.: THE CHEQUE (S.H. Vedder) WODEHOUSE, P. G.: JANE GETS OFF THE FAIRWAY (A. Wallis Mills) AUSTIN, F. Britten: THE ADVENTURE OF THE ONE-EYED MOOR (S. Seymour Lucas) FOSTER, R. F.: THE TUBE MYSTERY (Conrad Leigh) JEPSON, Edgar: THE JADE SPIRIT-GONG (J. Dewar Mills) DOYLE and others: HOW OUR NOVELISTS WRITE: THEIR BOOKS: III* (portraits) (DOYLE and others). IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS FOR 1925.* Advertisement. WODEHOUSE, P. G.: THE CUSTODY OF THE PUMPKIN (Reginald Cleaver) CHURCHILL, Rt.Hon. Winston: WHEN I WAS YOUNG* (H.M. Brock, and photographs) Great addition to any collection or wonderful gift item.