Restless Paris Limited Edition Signed Lithograph

Framed Size 41 X 35

Publisher IDEM
Year 2005
Printing 150/195
Binding Other
Condition Fine
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ALEXANDRA NECHITA LIMITED EDITION SIGNED LITHOGRAPH 23" x 17" Pencil signed, Numbered 150/ 195 and dated "2005" by the world renowned artists known as "The Petite Picasso." Professionally framed and matted to an impressive 41" x 34 3/4" - Image is 23" x 17" Excellent mint condition, frame in excellent condition. "RESTLESS PARIS" demonstrates the bold and vibrant colors and style which have made Nechita one of the world's foremost surrealist geniuses of her time. With works in virtually every major museum and collection and originals commanding price in the hundreds of thousands, this is a fantastic value to add a major work to any fine art collection or for a perfect entry level piece on which to expand. Foundry / publisher IDEM. Now in her mid-20's, the Romanian born Nechita was an international sensation as soon as she was first profiled . . . . "An original artist, Alexandra Nechita has taken us beyond our mundane perceptions and has opened a world so new to us that we are hardly prepared for it. Alexandra is a child painter the way little Wolfie Mozart was a child composer -- stunning because congenitally she possesses skills and depths that a long lifetime could only hope to develop. Imagine a newborn speaking the equivalent to Shakespearean blank verse. Imagine a toddler building the Parthenon with Lego blocks, or a kid too young to cross the street by herself appearing from her basement workshop with a gizmo that turns water into electricity. We must dismiss her age and regard the works for what they are -- revelations. The criteria of wonder, awe and the richness that derives from revelations are all met in her wonderful paintings. Humor and intellect abound in all of them."