Petermax Collage Poster 24 X 36

Signed, Inscribed In Person

Year 0
Edition FIRST
Binding Other
Condition Near Fine
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Fantastic collage of many Peter Max works and posters all set in a 24x36 area poster. Excellent condition perfect and easy for framing. Was signed and inscribed in person "Jacobi-Wan .. Love ... Max 2008" Very unusual item, especially when signed. Original 24 x 36 exhibition gallery poster covers ' from pop to patriotism in 40 years ' Original signed in the plate rare out of print poster by famous USA artist Peter Max. Original limited Exhibition poster plate signed. Made using lithography. This is a series of plate prints that are created from an original plate specially made for this purpose. Each color is laid from a different plate. This is a great collectible exhibition poster, and will become very sought after, being that his popularity continues to grow.