Whole Earth Week In Davis

15 Inches X 22.5 Inches

Year 1970
Binding Other
Condition Very Good
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Very early vintage original event poster advertising "EARTH WEEK IN DAVIS", a week long celebration of ecological events in Davis, CA on 03/17-21/70. One of very earliest examples of Peter Max work and his involvement with important social issues. Measuring approximately 15" x 22.5". Very good condition, minimal “wave” in bottom right corner. This is an original first printing poster by Peter Max, for the Whole Earth Week in Davis. This was actually the first time Earth Day came about. The 60s movement incorporated many different pieces, with the united antithesis against the war emerging as a uniting factor. One of the threads of this movement was a newly emerging consciousness and concern towards the environment. Nowhere was this more clearly and deeply expressed then in the launch of the “Whole Earth Week,” which sought to raise the consciousness of everyone towards environmental concerns, with the underlying thought that the Earth is the basis of all community, and must be respected and cared for to continue a mutual prosperous existence. The artwork is done by Peter Max, who, some say, captured a vibrant sense of psychedelia in his fanciful, whimsical art. This poster was printed to help advertise this important event. Little did anyone realize at the time that Peter Max would grow vastly in both stature and international respect, and the whole concept of “Earth Week” would continue to be a rallying point for those concerned with environmental issues. Poster measures 15 X 22.5.