Tales Of Sherlock Holmes

Antique Photoplay From First Performance

Publisher Grosset And Dunlap
Year 1909
Pages 359
Binding Hardcover

Not for sale

Grosset and Dunlap, n.d. (1909). FIRST EDITION, thus. Rare photoplay edition, illustrated with photos of scenes from William Gillette's play "Sherlock Holmes." Good condition with vintage former owner name dated Feb 09. Illustrated with eight B&W photographs by 'Byron of New York', from the 1899 play "Sherlock Holmes: A Melodrama in Four Acts" which starred William Hooker Gillette. Includes: A Study In Scarlet; A Case Of Identity; A Scandal In Bohemia; The Red-Headed League; The Boscombe Valley Mystery; and The Sign of the Four. Spectacular early Holmes collectible. 359 pages.

Actor William Gillette landed the role for which he will always be remembered, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle won eternal renown for his tales of detective Sherlock Holmes, with his later plays and works, such as science fiction novels, being almost completely forgotten. His Sherlock Holmes stories were generally considered to be a milestone in crime fiction,and have been reproduced on stage and screen more times than can be imagined. Actors from William Gillette to Basil Rathbone to Robert Downey Jr., to the more recent Benedict Cumberbatch have graced the stage and screen in that role. One might say the name Sherlock Holmes is one of the most recognizable in the world. Doyle began to believe that the stories were stifling him as a writer and became bitter about the hype surrounding his sleuth. In 1893, possibly due to this anger and resentment, he killed off Holmes in "The Final Problem." However, after killing off his memorable character, Doyle realized that he would be in need of income, so he decided to write a play about Holmes and Watson in their first years as detective partners. After a time, the script ended up in the lap of a young American Broadway producer named Charles Frohman who then traveled to London to meet with Doyle. It was there that Frohman suggested a new adaptation of the play starring the then-famous Wiliam Gillette, an American actor, playwright and stage manager. Doyle agreed, and it is in this fashion that Frohman obtained the staging rights for what would become the first great entertainment portrayal of Holmes. In a famous telegram exchange between Gillette and Doyle, after Gillette became enamored of the role, he wrote, "May I marry Holmes?" To which Doyle responded, "You may marry him, or murder or do what you like with him."